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CharINs perspective on Inductive Charging

To underline its “one system for all” target CharIN decided to incorporate inductive charging into its global approach.

Given that the unified Charging Communication within CharIN already includes wireless communication for inductive charging and that CharIN has been already successful in establishing an industry guidance for conductive charging it is highly appropriate for the association to attend to inductive charging.

Even many activities and attempts to define a global standard for inductive charging are already in place, the final regulation is still open. Inductive Charging is offering a magnificent benefit to customer’s charging experience. As interoperability and conformity between the electric vehicle and the infrastructure is key, CharIN will take role to having the basic requirements as soon as possible in place to serve a market introduction within 3 years in all major markets. Having the majority of leading companies in the field of charging with their unique expertise allows to exchange and define comprehensive best practices and form a platform for sharing and generating information and harmonizing requirements. With its global membership base CharIN can clearly contribute to the consolidation of concepts and requirements as a basis for a stable standardization status.

By including inductive charging the complete charging portfolio is covered within CharIN.

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