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CharIN focus groups meet in Berlin

Focus group meeting Conformance Test / Interoperability

More than 50 participants discussed current charging topics at the latest face to face meetings of the two focus groups Conformance Test/ Interoperability and Charging Infrastructure in Berlin.

In the CharIN association several focus groups are in place. They shall discuss specific electric charging topics in detail. Within these groups the CharIN members can contribute related to their special know how.

The second face to face meeting of the CharIN focus group Conformance Test/ Interoperability took place on May 18th 2017. 25 participants from member companies like Audi, BMW, ChargePoint, Daimler, Efacec, FCA, Ford, IES Synergy, Toyota, TU Dortmund, TÜV Süd, Vector Informatics, Volkswagen, Voltavision, and Volvo attended the meeting in Berlin.

The topics of the day were an update of the qualification and development of charging equipment as well as updates of the GTD specification and DIN Spec 70121. The participants also reviewed the CharIN activities in the US and Asia. Moreover, the testing symposium in Versailles, France, which will take place in June 22nd – 23rd 2017 was previewed by the focus group.

On May 19th 2017 the focus group Charging Infrastructure also met for their second face to face meeting this year. 25 participants from member companies like ABB, Allego, Audi, BMW, Bosch, ChargePoint, Daimler, EFACEC, Fastned, FCA, GM, Hubject, IES Synergy, Mennekes, Shell and Volkswagen reviewed their latest work and goals for 2017.

Important topics of that day were a presentation of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) about the strategy of the Rule Determination Committee (REA) in the field of e-mobility and the latest news about the hardware and interoperability of High Power Charging. Furthermore, updates of some subgroups working on topics like “Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD)”, “Electric Fuel Labeling” and “Use Cases Multi-Outlet Charging” were presented. The focus group discussed a description of the “Perfect Customer Journey” regarding the charging process and a paper with a recommendation for a harmonized connector approach.

Both meetings gained compliments from all participants for the good organization and the perfect networking possibilities at the meetings and get-togethers. The current topics on the agenda were pushed forward and will be further developed in regular telephone conferences.

The next face to face meetings of all five CharIN focus groups Conformance Test/ Interoperability, Charging Infrastructure, Charging Connection, Charging Communication and Grid Integration will take place from November 7th to 10th 2017 in Berlin.

Information about CharIN e.V.
The Charging Interface Initiative e.V. -abbreviated to CharIN e.V.- is a registered association with 84 members from all over the world which were involved in the field of charging electric vehicles. It is open to all interested parties and has offices in Germany, Hong Kong and the US. New offices in India and South Korea will open soon.

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