Hanover Trade Fair - Joint booth of "Energy and Electromobility" of Niedersachsen

“innos” has been organizing and managing the joint booth of Energy and Electromobility of Niedersachsen at the Hanover Trade Fair since 2007.

Ideal framework conditions for a trade fair booth.

This work involves a comprehensive presentation of competences from industry and research in the field of renewable energies from Niedersachsen (in particular bioenergy, energy storage and systems, wind energy, photovoltaic, geothermics and energy management) as well as “electromobility” (engines, components, charging systems and infrastructure for electromobility business cases and new propulsion systems).

Our tasks include the acquisition of exhibitors with an emphasis on SMEs. It also involves the funding process, particularly funding specified for local trade fairs.  As the interface between the exhibitors and the booth builders, we ensure an optimal planning of the booths. We coordinate visits from international delegations and political representatives and guide them throughout the exhibition.

Contracting authority, our client
Ministry for Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitization of Niedersachsen

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