Machining Innovations Network

How can an aviation site be strengthened with regard to ensuring job security?

Site development and securing jobs in the region of Friesland – a four-pillar strategy

We were able to prevail upon 70 businesses and research institutions to join the network in the target field of precision metal components. Within the network, industry and research cooperate in developing technology-driven manufacturing solutions and applying these for commercial use in aviation, medical technology and rail vehicle construction. We are thereby advancing structured technology development, particularly through the organization of workshops and work groups on selected topics.

We procure subsidies and bundle training and further education opportunities in the field of machining technology. In cooperation with regional decision-makers, we additionally provide assistance with the development of technology and training centers, thereby contributing to a structured development of the location.

Within the framework of a regional four-pillar strategy (network, technology center, training center and industrial park), we have conceived and developed the Machining Innovations Network e.V. as a nation-wide innovation network for machining technologies and for the continuous optimization of production processes.

Contracting authority, our client
Premium AEROTEC GmbH, later Machining Innovations Network e.V.

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