Network­ and Cluster Management

Added value through networks. The dynamic force of new technologies is coming less and less from individual initiators and more and more from the nexus of systematic cooperation driven by strategic alliances, wide-ranging networks and business clusters worldwide.

In such a nexus, innovations have a greater chance of success if they are competently steered in the right direction at the right time.

innos is an internationally recognized management partner linking key industries, research establishments and political entities: We network the intersecting areas of technology and initiate cooperative alliances in order to successfully implement and market innovative ideas worldwide.

In all these endeavors, we think out of the box, are open-minded and interested in your thoughts in order to find creative solutions that create manifold added value to the cooperative endeavor.

We network ideas and people.

"On the path from the idea to market success, we create reliable alliances and structures to pave the way."

Dr. Isabell Schwenkert
Senior Project Manager
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