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Affiliated Partners

In these target fields we work with specialized networks from leading industrial enterprises, large-scale research institutions (e.g. institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the German Aerospace Center e.V. or a number of different universities), government ministries at federal and state level (e.g. Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, etc.), essential project management organizations / business developers (e.g. The Association of German Engineers VDI/VDE-IT, the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations AiF, VDI Technology Center, Project Management Organisation Jülich, German Aerospace Center e.V., the German Chamber of Commerce), with further associations and organizations (including the German Engineering Federation, German Chemical Industry Association, Federation of Reinforced Plastics) as well as competency networks and state initiatives.

Furthermore, innos-Sperlich GmbH is the driving management force for different technology clusters and networks with affiliated business partners. innos - Sperlich GmbH thus offers custom-tailored interfaces between more than 14,000 contacts in the above-mentioned disciplines along the entire process chain that includes managing directors, executives, technology and development leaders, including

  • industrial and service companies
  • (large-scale) research institutions
  • government ministries
  • business development / project management organizations
  • organizations and associations
  • competency networks and state initiatives