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Strategic Planning and Innovation Management

The creative linkup of resources, skills and market opportunities

innos - Sperlich GmbH supports commercial enterprises, research establishments and public institutions in the pooling of available resources and competencies and then aligning these in such a manner that innovations don’t just occur by chance but are developed as the result of a consistent company / institute strategy or regional economic policy.

innos - Sperlich GmbH assists you in

  • working out competencies
  • determining business units
  • researching trends and determining their business significance
  • identifying strategic gaps
  • highlighting strategic development paths and implementing measures
  • adapting organization and process sequences to developed strategy
  • adapting resource and financial basis planning

Within the framework of innovation management processes we assist you with:

  • the systematic analysis of your starting situation
  • evaluating and substantiating the processes for the generation of your ideas
  • determining practical consequences and recommendations for action that result in an optimized innovation process


  • identify all players and responsible persons involved in the innovation process as well as their tasks
  • examine internal objectives and interfaces
  • determine potential obstacles and drivers for success within the system
  • work out specific approaches for optimized innovation management

André Kaufung, Betriebswirt (VWA)
Managing Director
Tel. +49 551 49601-40