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Customized Market Presence

Professional Marketing of Innovative Products and Technologies

We help companies, research establishments and organizations with visualizing their marketing strategies. We are the experts for innovative products and methods. innos - Sperlich GmbH helps network partners of independent businesses create their products with a distinctive market presence. Corporate design is an absolute necessity for companies, research establishments and organizations to tap into and maintain a position on the market. innos - Sperlich works on and develops your market presence - from an initial evaluation to your own corporate design manual.

We develop and realize:

  • print material for your business (letterheads, business cards etc.)
  • image flyers, brochures, posters/placards
  • your Internet presence (design)
  • style sheets, PowerPoint presentations
  • trade fair presentations
  • bidding procedures
  • annual and evaluation reports
  • promotional gifts
  • CD manuals

Conception and development of means of communication including logo designs, identification of color definitions, typographies and decorative elements are further core services provided by innos - Sperlich GmbH and its technology marketing.

Public Relations

Communication in a nutshell

We organize and coordinate the professional exchange between businesses, institutes and associations, from network partners to opinion leaders. Our cooperation with the industry, research and media provides the ideal prerequisites for professional exchange leading up to the introduction of innovations on the market. We are well acquainted with decision makers in the political arena as well as administration and contribute to providing a compatible framework for innovative products and methods as well as political framework conditions.

Our media and editorial project support particularly includes:

  • press work
  • acquisition of media partners
  • creating and maintaining media data bases
  • organizing PR events such as press conferences, interviews etc.
  • preparing and publishing contributions from experts
  • compiling and designing magazines and e-letters
  • organizing and implementing expert events, trade fairs, conventions and congresses

Professionally researched contributions (in German or English), high-quality footage and the presentation of expert knowledge in all forms of media are the tools of our work and are a guarantor for attracting particular attention from experts. Our work is based on a long-term and trusted cooperation with our project and media partners. Their work topics and technologies must therefore be permanently placed in the center of public and sectoral interest.

Marco Küster, Kommunikationswirt (KdA)
Head of Technology Marketing
and Events
Tel. +49 551 49601-22