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Organizational Structure and Team

innos – Sperlich GmbH has a team of qualified specialists (following in alphabetical order) that masters complex tasks in the target field of new technologies. The basis for this is our long-standing project and management experience in cooperation with research, industry and government in diverse issues of market cultivation, local politics, research and business development.

We provide an interdisciplinary team of business people, scientists, engineers and communication experts for these challenging tasks with a good instinct for market opportunities and a realistic view for what is feasible.

Managing Directors / Advisory Council

André Kaufung (CEO)
Werner Mainka (CFO)
Manfred Sperlich (Advisory Council)

In addition, innos – Sperlich GmbH has an established network of partners for affiliated services who are essential for the implementation of projects. Examples include:

  • award-winning advertising agencies for the support of our media tasks
  • IT specialists for the development of community portals and for the optimal structuring of our knowledge management systems
  • state-recognized private and public educational institutions for further education and training
  • attorneys for corporate and administrative law issues including a certified tax accountant and notary for company startups and tax issues.