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Targeted development of innovations and tapping into new markets

Great ideas must be developed

We offer you comprehensive management of your technology, which includes the following services:

  • recognizing trends in technology
  • evaluating innovations
  • compiling project plans
  • finding partners and evaluators
  • determining development costs
  • developing technology-oriented networks
  • optimizing decision-making processes
  • making use of funding programs (see also Subsidy Consulting)
  • implementing technology workshops
  • long-term support with development work

Wherever great ideas are born – whether in the laboratories of large-scale research or in the workshop of a small company – these must be further developed. If first tests show promising results, a clear strategy for the next steps must then be specified. This means creating a tangible concept, securing financing and working out a time-phased development plan. This is how an idea or new technology is turned into a new product.

innos - Sperlich optimizes decision-making processes and financing possibilities. We accompany you throughout all of the development steps of your product and your new technology. We start with working out your technical approach and continue all the way to the marketable product. We find your partners in research who carry out accompanying developments or tests. We create cooperations when new materials or components are required for your development from other branches of industry. As interdisciplinary experts, we act as both provider and counterpart in that we, as a critical but always realistic partner, help you heighten your perception and view.

We calculate together with you the expected costs and general expenses. Our experience in this area is based on a number of projects we have carried out on national and international levels. We apply for subsidies if your project fits in with a federal or state government funding program. We adapt your new concept to technological standards determined by government development programs. We get in touch with your contact person in funding organizations. Last but not least, we apply our professional skills so that the evaluator or decision-maker in the political arena is able evaluate your project.

Dr. Andreas Baar, Dipl.-Chem.
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