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We support you on your way to your patent

Professional protection of your intellectual property

innos - Sperlich GmbH offers the following range of services in the area of patent management:

  • patent and brand research
  • property rights strategies
  • support with patent application processes
  • calculation of patent costs
  • patent management in businesses
  • economic assessment of inventions

No company today can afford to have innovations without patent protection. Only those who protect their innovations against the competition are able to reap the benefits of specialization. Not the cost of patent protection but the opportunistic price of non-protection is what stands in the forefront. Strategic patent management becomes the core of a company strategy.

We assess the necessity of protection from imitators and illegitimate users. We research competitive products and procedures, since your success depends on the uniqueness of your offer. What is more: When you position your product on the market under the protection of a patent you gain a competitive edge and distinguish yourself from competitors both nationally and internationally.
innos - Sperlich GmbH is experienced in this complex subject matter and has experts to consult you. This saves small and medium-sized businesses the effort of having to build up their own competencies in this area which can only be realized with a great deal of time and effort.

We go beyond regular patent issues since the various interfaces of business patent management to areas such as controlling, marketing, research and development as well as employee invention laws require comprehensive and professional patent management.

Dr. Isabell Schwenkert, MBA
Patent Management
Tel. +49 551 49601-11

Dr. Andreas Baar, Dipl.-Chem.
Authorized Signatory
Tel. +49 551 49601-23